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Laser Marking 2D codes for Traceability

Super Accuracy UV Laser Marking Machine

QR (Quick Response) codes consists of a square display with dark blocks along both sides. QR codes are new 2D barcodes that can be read using reader applications on smartphones including Apple iPhone and iPad and android phones. QR codes are becoming a standard for product identification. The QR code can link to a URL address such as a facebook page, YouTube channel or company website.

QR codes is one of the many applications that can be created using a QR code laser engraving system. QR code laser engraving is done at a very high speed and the marks are simple to create. With specialized laser marking software, QR codes laser engraving systems can directly mark QR Codes onto products made of almost any material.

With the explosion of SmartPhones, QR codes are common, and they can be  scanned by anyone. The number and quality of applications reading these codes grows daily, this means more businesses will find ways to apply the codes more permanently. Laser engraving QR codes are capable of engraving high quality QR codes that can be easily scanned.

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CCD Vision integration with Fiber Laser marking system

Introduction Of UV Laser Marker


CHANXAN LASER UV Laser Marker uses a 355nm pumped UV laser device as the light source and combines the advantages of previous generations of machines to achieve a smaller focus point diameter and a good marking effect. Metal absorbs ultraviolet light higher than infrared, so compared with infrared pumping machines, this ultraviolet light marking machine is more suitable for marking on metal and glass materials. The pulse width of UV Laser Marker is narrower, which can shorten the material processing time, thereby preventing the material from deforming or burning due to heat. This UV Laser Marker is equipped with a safety cover, which can effectively isolate the laser radiation and ensure the safety of workers.


Product Features Of UV Laser Marker

1. The UV laser marking machine adopts a closed structure, which is beautiful and safe, avoids dust and reduces the harm of laser radiation to the human body.

2. Higher pulse stability, UV marker is more suitable for precise marking, and the marking effect is better.

3. Optional turntable can process multiple workpieces together, saving time and cost and improving production efficiency.

4. The working time can be continuous for 24 hours to meet the needs of large-scale industrial production.


Application Of UV Laser Marker


Applicable material:

UV laser marking machine can not only mark on metal, but also mark on polymer materials, plastics, fireproof materials, etc.

Applicable industry:

(1) UV laser marking machine is widely used in electronic components, battery chargers, wires, computer accessories, mobile phone accessories (mobile phone screens, LCD screens) and communication products.

(2) UV laser marker is widely used in automobile and motorcycle accessories, automotive glass, instruments, optical equipment, aerospace, military products, hardware machinery, tools, measuring tools, cutting tools, sanitary ware.

(3) UV laser marking machine is widely used in the pharmaceutical, food, beverage and cosmetics industries.

(4) Ultraviolet laser marker is widely used in glass, crystal products, handicraft surface and internal film etching, ceramic cutting or carving.



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