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          Precise foam cutting with Chanxan laser cutters

          | Foam laser cutting machine

          Foams made of polyester (PES), polyethylene (PE) or polyurethane (PUR) are well suited for laser cutting, laser engraving and laser marking. Foam is used for suitcase inserts or padding, and for seals. Apart from these, laser cut foam is also used for artistic applications, such as souvenirs or photo frames, for example.Laser Cutting Foam Filter Mats
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          Film materials suitable for laser cutting:

          Polyester (PES)
          Polyethylene (PE)
          Polyurethane (PUR)

          Advantages of a Chanxan laser

          What is special about laser cutting of foam?

          The laser is a highly flexible tool: Everything is possible, from prototype construction through to series production. You can work directly from the design program, which is very important especially in the area of rapid prototyping. Compared to the complex water jet cutting process, the laser is significantly faster, more flexible and more efficient. Foam cutting with a laser machine will produce cleanly fused and sealed edges.

          Do I have to fixate the material on the working surface?

          No. The laser does not exert any pressure on the foam during the process, clamping or any other type of fixation is therefore not required. Simply insert the workpiece and start the laser process. This saves time and money during the preparation of the material.

          | Recommended Machines

          Laser series:

          laser etcher speedy

          Laser Engravers - Speedy Series

          Speedy series: Laser engraving and cutting machines for formats up to 1600 x1000 mm

          Laser Cutting Foam Filter Mats

          Laser Cutting Foam Filter Mats

          Flat bed series

          laser cutter design award

          Laser Cutters - Flat-bed series

          Flat-bed series: CO2 laser cutter for large-format materials.


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