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          Leather Engraving and Cutting with a Laser Machine

          Publish Time: Sep. 24, 2020


          Laser Engraving & Cutting Leather Laser machines for engraving leather and faux leather.

          Laser cutting of leather is a contactless and tool-free process. There is no contact during the laser cutting process. As a result, there is no question of warping.


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          Leather notepad

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          Leather headphones case
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          Various leather goods

          Health & Safety

          Although cutting leather with laser is a fairly clean and fast process, there are some important health issues you need to remember about.

          First and most important — remember to use the laser safety goggles we ship with the laser toolhead . The laser diode is strong enough to damage your eyesight or burn your skin so be extra careful when handling this toolhead.

          Secondly, burning leather may emit unpleasant fumes. If it’s possible — avoid working in the same room as the machine and take care of good ventilation.

          Last but not least, when the machine is working don’t touch the moving elements. Any loose parts of your clothing or long hair can get tangled into the moving parts. Please, be careful.


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