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          Laser Cutting Acrylic Craft Diy

          Publish Time: Nov. 24, 2020


          Laser Cutting Acrylic Craft Diy

          Acrylic, as a common material for craft gifts, has a good performance in various industries and has a wide coverage. Its production cannot be separated from the laser cutting machine. Laser is also a product of the new era, and it takes a relatively short time for us. But it has already had a good performance in some industries, such as acrylic. The advantages of the new technology and newly adjusted laser cutting machine are more obvious than the traditional mechanical cutting. Non-contact laser cutting is a great advantage of cutting acrylic. And acrylic has been used in many industries and fields in recent years, creating a new field of laser craft gift industry, showing a new style of laser application.

          Laser Cutting Acrylic Craft Diy

          Acrylic laser cutting has a good cutting process, a laser cutting machine has a fast speed and a short construction period, which is an important aspect of improving the profit of our products. And has the characteristics of one-stop processing, from cutting, hollowing, punching and engraving to meet the production needs of materials. The laser does not touch the material, it can avoid the risk of acrylic deformation caused by external force extrusion, there is no burr, and the reduction of the pattern is high.

          Laser Cutting Acrylic Craft Diy

          It has been our pursuit for a long time to make the pattern of our choice on the acrylic material. Now, as long as the pattern is imported into the cutting software through the computer, you can easily cut and engrave any pattern. Using the convenient feature of acrylic laser cutting machine, we can draw many memorable patterns on the surface of the material with laser to restore the image.

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