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          acrylic cake top laser cutting machine

          Publish Time: Oct. 30, 2020


          CO2 Cutting Machine Wedding Cake Topper Laser Cutter 6040. FOB Price: US $2200 / set. Min.

          Delicious cakes with unique cake decorations, exquisite carved cakes around the edges, and cake inserts can light up the atmosphere of the entire banquet. Common cake inserts and cake borders are generally paper-based, but also acrylic, PP plastic, and wood. Using laser engraving and die-cutting cake decorations, it is efficient, fast and low cost. Any complicated pattern only needs to be designed and imported into the computer operating software, and a complete decorative card can be completed in a few seconds.

          acrylic cake top laser  cutting machine

          Cake border laser (laser) marking/engraving: It is an engraving method that uses high-energy-density laser to irradiate the work area to vaporize the surface or cause a physical and chemical reaction of color change, thereby leaving a permanent mark.

          Advantages of laser engraving of cake edges: Since the marking process is non-contact processing, there is no mechanical extrusion or mechanical pressure, so it will not damage the processed object. The area of influence is small, the processing is fine, the processing speed is fast, and the cost is low.

          acrylic cake top laser  cutting machine

          Laser hollowing (cutting) of cake rim: It adopts advanced laser hollowing cutting technology. The high-energy beam generated by laser is used to melt or vaporize the processed material at an instant high temperature to form a hollow cut.

          The advantages of laser cutting for cake edges: high cutting quality (narrow cut width, small heat-affected area, smooth cut), fast cutting speed, good cutting flexibility (can cut any shape at will), low processing cost, and wide material adaptability.

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