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30W Laser Marking Brass Stainless Steel

Affordable Laser Engravers Fiber Marking Machine

Brass has a wide range of uses from locks, gears and door handles to plumbing and electrical applications to musical instruments and decorative objects.

The challenge with engraving brass is high reflectivity and thermal conductivity. The work piece must be perfectly in-focus to achieve good quality results.

All CX-G lasers are capable of engraving brass and can all produce similar quality results, however increasing the power increases the material removal rate. The CW- 20G laser can achieve a removal rate of 7.98mm3 /min, but the 100G can achieve 39.9 mm3 /min. The material removal rate is proportional to the average processing power.

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30W Laser Marking Brass

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30W Laser Marking Brass


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