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          Mobile Phone: +86 18361445350


          Key Words: Laser Cutter PlywoodLaser Engraving MachineLaser Rust RemovalHandheld Laser Welder

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          You will get the whole time service from Chanxan.

          Chanxan Laser Focusing on offering service to many fields, Chanxan accumulated more than 10 years of experience. With the optimization of manufacturing process, Chanxan achieved sustainable development.

          Precise Control

          Precise cost control makes sure that Chanxan can lower the cost and upgrade the machine.

          Service from Chanxan accompanies you all the way from purchasing the exact machine, marketing plans to optimizing production and after-sale issue.


          According to customers requirements, several sets of manufacturing plans will be made. Customers can choose the best one. This is what we call customization.

          Our engineer will try to gather all information from the spot and cost, budget, installation service will be offered.


          Decades of countries have enjoyed our customized machine and they think highly of the machine solving all of their problems.


          Rich Training LessonsExpert Targeted Lessons Accompanying Practice on Machines Knowledge  Exchanging

          Detailed Service Process

          We give priority to the interests of our clients. High quality products with reasonable price are what we recommended.


          Comprehensive after-sale service is provided.

          Five quality guarantees Zero communication costs Worry-free warranty service

          Multifunctioning center and branch have been established. Multifunctioning center and branch have been established.

          Service from Chanxan accompanies you all the way from purchasing the exact machine, marketing plans to optimizing production and after-sale issue.

          Quick supply for original accessories Quick supply for original accessories

          Global sales network will ensure the quick supply of all original accessories. During the warranty, accessories fee will be covered by Chanxan.

          Rigorous QA Team Rigorous QA Team

          After the equipment is completed, it is necessary to pass the multi-level maintenance quality inspection procedures such as self-inspection by the maintenance technician, re-examination of the team leader, final quality inspection of the quality inspection personnel of the workshop, and final review before the delivery of the engineer.

          Expert Team Expert Team

          Senior expert and service team will offer you professional service.

          Special Whole Set Checking Special Whole Set Checking

          After fixing the machine, the whole machine will be checked to make sure the future function.

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          Mobile Phone: 86-18361445350

          E-mail: wmb@chanxan.com

          WeChat service number: 8618361445350

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