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          Large-format visual laser cutting printing T-shirts, swimwear, sweatshirts

          Vision laser cutting machine is ideal for cutting digital printing sublimation textile fabrics of all shapes and sizes. Cameras scan the fabric, detect and recognize printed contour, or pick up on printed registration marks and cut the chosen designs with speed and accuracy. A conveyor and auto-feeder is used to keep cutting continuous, saving time and increasing production speed.

          +86 18361445350


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          CW series CO2 Laser Cutter → High-precision, fast, highly automated

          The HIGH CCD Laser Cutting Machine is upgraded from the basic belt driven version. The basic belt driven system has its limitation when running with high power laser tube, whereas the Gear & Rack driven version is strong enough to undertake the high power laser tube. The Gear & Rack driven laser cutting machine can be equipped with high power laser tube up to 300W and flying optics to perform with super high acceleration speed and cutting speed.

          The advantages of laser cutting for textile over traditional cutting tools:

          Textile Laser Cutting Machine

           Fine details. Radius-free inner contours

          Textile Laser Cutting Machine

                       Flexibility & Individuality

          Textile Laser Cutting Machine

                              Cut Edges Sealing

          Textile Laser Cutting Machine

                            Cut Edges Sealing

          Textile Laser Cutting Machine

                           Clean Cutting Edges

          Textile Laser Cutting Machine

                          No Distortion of Material

          The application industry and materials of laser cutting for textile:


          polyester (PES), viscose, cotton, nylon, nonwoven and woven fabrics, synthetic fibers, polypropylene (PP), knitted fabrics, felts, polyamide (PA), glass fiber (or glass fibre, fiberglass, fibreglass), Kevlar, aramid, polyester PET, PTFE, paper, foam, cotton, plastic, etc.


          1. Clothing Textiles: technical textiles for clothing applications.

          2. Home Textiles: carpets, mattress, sofas, curtains, cushion materials, pillows, floor and wall coverings, textile wallpaper, etc.

          3. Industrial Textiles: filtration, air dispersion ducts, etc.

          4. Textiles used in automotive and aerospace: aircraft carpets, cat mats, seat covers, seat belts, airbags, etc.

          5. Outdoors and Sports textiles: sports equipment, flying and sailing sports, canvas covers, marquee tents, parachutes, paragliding, kitesurf, boats (inflatable), air balloons, etc.

          6. Protective textiles: insulation materials, bulletproof vests, etc.

          CW-1610HFS  CO2 Laser Cutter in Details

          Gear & Rack driven

          High precision grade Gear & Rack driving. Cutting efficiency with speed up to 1200mm/s and acceleration of 10000mm/s2, and can maintain long-term stability.

          World class CO2 laser source (Rofin)

          High reliability, low maintenance efforts and excellent beam quality.

          Vacuum honeycomb conveyor working table

          Flat, fully automatic, low reflectivity from laser.

          Control system

          With Independent intellectual property rights, tailored to cutting textiles.

          Yaskawa Servo Motor

          High precision, stable speed, strong overload capability and low noise temperature rise

          Auto-feeder: tension correction

          Linked with the laser cutter to achieve continuous feeding and cutting.

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