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          Accessories: All Chanxan's laser machine parts and consumables

          The key for long duration and efficiency of the machine is original parts from CHANXAN。

          Accessories from Chanxan are strictly selected, testified and controlled, which ensures the best function.

          Components and consumables are branded and complete sets.

          The exhibited are part of samples. Please contact us if you need some more information.

          Laser Marking Equipment Accessories

          • Scanner Lens

            Scanner Lens

          • Water-chiller (for co2 laser marking)

            Water-chiller (for co2 laser marking)

          • Standing Post (fiber laser marking)

            Standing Post (fiber laser marking)

          • Beam Expander

            Beam Expander

          • Foot Pedal

            Foot Pedal

          • Emergency Stop

            Emergency Stop

          • Laser Tube (CO2 laser marking)

            Laser Tube (CO2 laser marking)

          • Optical System (fiber laser marking)

            Optical System (fiber laser marking)

          • Industrial PC

            Industrial PC

          • Field Lens

            Field Lens

          Laser Cutting Equipment Accessories

          • Focus Lens

            Focus Lens

          • Laser Head

            Laser Head

          • Laser Tube

            Laser Tube

          • Laser Power

            Laser Power

          • Honeycomb Work Table

            Honeycomb Work Table

          • Reflective Mirror

            Reflective Mirror

          • Knife Work Table

            Knife Work Table

          • Exhaust Fan

            Exhaust Fan

          • Stepper Motor

            Stepper Motor

          • Stainless-steel platform

            Stainless-steel platform

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